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Welcome to where technology and imagination cross paths, welcome to Mindspath Media a Minneapolis Minnesota based Production Company who create full length motion picture films, shorts, music videos, commercials, training videos and any media need your imagination may desire. We work with some of the greatest minds in the film and video industry and can help you achieve any production you desire.

Let us help you achieve your dreams and goals for your film project, music video, corporate needs, etc.





Mindspath Media is a HYDRA ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY ARR 2016.               hyra movie logo

President- Chazz DeMoss a member of WAG West & East, Independent Film Projects MN & MSP Film Society. He is a producer of films such as Cyrus: Mind of a Serial Killer and House of The Witch Doctor (please see IMDB Chazz DeMoss).  He is also the owner of a 24/7 streaming Station as well as former pulisher of Dead Dog Comics, where he not only created and developed new brand comic titles but also licensed major brand comics like Night of the Living Dead, Day of The Dead and many more. He was the publisher of the world famous Cryptic Magazine that evolved into Cryptic Television. He is also the owner and founder of Crypticon Conventions across the nation. Brand marketing and development are his forte and the passion of creation. It seems art inspires and drives him as a creator of film and video production.

Contact Chazz 612-306-8559 or email

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Executive Producer Jason Robinson

Screenplay Writers Tamara Roberson & Robina Kotek

Video Editing & Production Matt Wood, Ty Marcus, Thomas Wade

We have an excessive list of equipment and talents of contractors and we will be creating a services and gear list for your production needs and quotes.